Top Ten Gifts to Buy Your Sorority Gal Pal This Boxing Day

We know it's last minute, but we've compiled a list of gifts pick up for your friend or S/O in a sorority on Boxing Day based on some recommendations from real-life sorority girls. Seriously, the sales are gonna be crazy. It's the least you can do for the girl you care about.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Kappa Sigma Omicron-Pi.


1. Pass to Nordik Spa

This one's a classic, no-risk-involved present that will sure to keep your girl happy. While a bath bomb, candles, and the soothing voice of Frank Ocean is good, nothing beats a trip to a classic spa in Chelsea, QC.

Expected Cost: $77-$1457


2. Yankee Jar Candle

Maybe $1.5k isn't in your budget. Maybe your relationship status with this girl hasn't been defined yet. Play it safe with a subtle, but undeniably effective gift she's sure to love. Plus, this slightly-romantic-but-not-really-romantic-could-be-romantic-depending-on-the-context present will keep your relationship status complex and mysterious.

Expected Cost: $15 -$25


3. Cozy Pajama Onesie

Tight and bright can be good but every once in a while, fuzzy and baggy feels a thousand times better.

Upside: She'll love you for it.

Downside: She no longer needs your cuddles for warmth.

Expected Cost: $15 - $70


4. Voucher to play Cardi B's Bodak Yellow

At the club. At your house. At a mixer. Doesn't matter when or where, Bodak Yellow is a classic song that'll invoke your girl's inner dancing queen so get her a voucher to play this whenever she wants.

Expected Cost: Having "These Is Bloody Shoes" stuck in your head all night.


5. Alex and Ani Bracelet

Honestly, no guy knows what these are or why they're so cool, but if even Google suggests them then they must be a good choice.

Expected Cost: $35 - $50


6. A Massage

No, not from a gross Fraternity Brother. We're talking about a REAL massage. Like by a registered masseuse. With like good reviews.

Expected Cost: $50 - $100


7. A Custom Paddle

We're pretty sure 50% of Michael's sales come from Greeks buying artsy crap to decorate paddles for one another. But, just like the age old saying goes, "no two paddles are alike." Make your girl a custom paddle decked out with cutesy sayings and glitter glue. Bonus points if you ask her Big for advice first.

Expected Cost: $30 (depending how much you decorate it)


8. A Kate Spade Planner

Will they ever use one to actually plan their day? Absolutely not. Does it matter? It’s Kate Spade, so of course not.

Expected Cost: $30 - $60


9. Versace Perfume

Not that you smell bad.

Expected Cost: $60 - $140