My name is Oliver Nacey and I have the pleasure of introducing myself as the President of Carleton University’s Omicron-Pi chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

In less formal, but far more meaningful terms, I am blessed with the opportunity to lead a group of men to the greatest that lies within them, a greatness that manifests itself in the classroom, amongst Carleton’s many clubs and societies, and most importantly, in our community, across the country, and worldwide.

We do not claim to be the best. We strive to prove the very fact with our actions. Actions that we see as being the most becoming of a gentleman. Actions that not only better ourselves, but all those we encounter. Actions which may never appear on a resume, may never shine through in an interview, but actions that will forever be etched in the pores of our skin and define our days from daybreak to nightfall.

To be a Kappa Sigma is to commit to the betterment of all. We are honoured to have the opportunity through our organization to do so in the many facets of our busy university lives.

We commit to our studies, consistently exceeding grade point averages and holding amongst our members top scholars in some of Carleton’s most prestigious and competitive degrees.

We commit to our community by willingly, gamefully learning from thousands of community service hours each year, hours which not only better ourselves, offer tangible aid to our city, but also raised over $8000 for the Canadian Cancer Society through Relay for Life.

Most importantly of all however, is the commitment we make to each other, to our family, both in blood and in bond. That family which is not limited to our nearest kin, but to all Carleton Ravens, all residents of our beautiful city, and all Canadians. There is no greater lesson than the importance of kindness, and no greater need for kindness than those who surround you.

This is our commitment as Kappa Sigma. To take the lessons we learn from our opportunities and turn them into meaningful action, significant change, and to growth on as large a scale as we can.

We name amongst our ranks the President of the Carleton University Student Association, a Fall Orientation Coordinator, and the President of the Sprott Finance Students’ Association. What we are most proud of however is that we name amongst our current ranks over fifty men who have made the commitment I have just made to you.

Fifty Kappa Sigmas. Fifty men greater than me.

Fifty men who will spend the next year and every year after that bettering themselves, their campus, and their world.

Fifty men I have the absolute privilege to lead.

Thank you.

Oliver Nacey

Grand Master and Brother of Kappa Sigma, Omicron-Pi Chapter

Carleton University ‘18

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