The end of April and final exams brings summer into full swing. School is finally over (unless you're doing summer school - I know the pain), it's time to have fun! This summer was incredible for some of the brothers of Omicron-Pi. Many of us had the opportunity to travel to some great places such as Thailand, Australia, Vancouver and Hong Kong, just to name a few. One of our brothers is even currently biking across America to raise awareness for diabetes (shoutout to Matt Swain). Below is Brother Sadlo's take on his trip to Australia. Feel free to come by during rush if you want to hear some more cool stories from around the globe!

"My trip to Australia was once in a lifetime. Despite the two flights and 28 hours of total flying it truly was an experience. The most rewarding aspect was being able to see how similar but different our cultures are. The highlight of my trip would have to be scuba diving at the great barrier reef where I was able to swim around areas of the reef that were not damaged. It was such a beautiful sight." - Tyler Sadlo, Tau 193