Walking into Planet Hollywood for the first time as the Omicron-Pi Chapter Delegate for Kappa Sigma’s 71st Biennial Grand Conclave was an amazing and surreal moment. The oddest and most memorable part had to have been seeing so many other men wearing the Kappa Sigma letters. On Carleton’s campus, I know every single brother wearing letters, but at Conclave, it was quite the opposite. When you walked into the first session of Conclave and saw the Planet Hollywood showroom over flowing with brothers of Kappa Sigma, it really gave you a sense of pride. In that moment, you truly got to see the size and strength of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. I would recommend that all my brothers take advantage of this amazing opportunity and go to Vegas and meet some outstanding Kappa Sigmas from all over Canada and the US. Meeting so many different and interesting brothers made conclave that much more special and especially highlighted the Kappa Sigma pillar of fellowship. Even though I was in a country that wasn’t mine, in a state I had never visited, I still felt right at home. Not because I was with the brothers of Omicron-Pi but because I was surrounded by brothers from across North America.