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Lessons from a 6-Year-Old Guatemalan - a story written by Cody Nicoll shortly after his Alternative Spring Break initiative in Guatemala (from

Cody Nicoll
3rd-Year Law Student

I’m a firm believer that if I have the opportunity to help someone else out, then I should take that opportunity.

I’ve felt this way as long as I can remember. As philanthropy is one of my biggest values, it’s one of the primary reasons I came to Carleton. Since becoming a student, I’ve been involved in a number of organizations, from student government to a fraternity to helping run a Movember campaign. Amid...


Walking into Planet Hollywood for the first time as the Omicron-Pi Chapter Delegate for Kappa Sigma’s 71st Biennial Grand Conclave was an amazing and surreal moment. The oddest and most memorable part had to have been seeing so many other men wearing the Kappa Sigma letters. On Carleton’s campus, I know every single brother wearing letters, but at Conclave, it was quite the opposite. When you walked into the first session of Conclave and saw the Planet Hollywood showroom over flowing with brothers of Kappa Sigma, it really gave you a sense of pride. In that moment, you truly got to see the size and strength of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. I woul...


Brotherhood and a love for our Order

That's what it's all about for me. Sharing experiences with brothers ranging from those who pledged with me back in 2009 to those young active members from the Omicron-Pi chapter who I had the opportunity to bond with even more at our Grand Conclave last month. I truly am blessed to be able to continue to give back to the number 1 Fraternity in the world. As some of you may know, last year, February 2016 we officially kicked off the beginning of a wonderful new district. The District of Eastern Canada was born consisting of two chapters and three official colonies. To top it all off, I had been approached by...


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