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(Fraternity Frequently Asked Questions)

For questions or concerns, please email our VP Communications at
By answering the questions, we look to ease the concerns and address the misconceptions a parent may have.

What is a Fraternity?

Simply put, a fraternity is a membership organization of men bound together by friendship, aspirations, and common goals.

What is your Hazing Policy? What is your stance on Alcohol Abuse?

Hazing Is Unacceptable!

You may have experienced hazing in high school, when you joined a new sports team, or when you entered a new organization. Hazing is portrayed in movies as a glorified ritual to earn acceptance in a group. Hazing can take many forms, and Kappa Sigma has devoted itself to prevent hazing among its members and throughout the organization as a whole.

Hazing runs contrary to any concept of brotherhood and is against everything Kappa Sigma stands for. Hazing is wrong and demoralizes members. We believe that men are built up through education and moral excellence, and the Kappa Sigma Fraternity expects that no member will participate in any form of hazing.

It is for these reasons that the Kappa Sigma Fraternity has such a strong policy against hazing.

Most jurisdictions have laws which make hazing a crime.

Universities and colleges prohibit hazing, often with expulsion from school as a sanction. Kappa Sigma will take action against members from our organization if they are found to be in violation of our standards of conduct or local or university rules on hazing.

Being a Kappa Sigma means no hazing whatsoever. All individuals who participate in any form of hazing will be held responsible for their actions.

All members are required to acknowledge that they have read, understand, and accept the Kappa Sigma Fraternity’s Code of Conduct before joining our organization.

Alcohol Abuse is not Tolerated

Kappa Sigma promotes only responsible drinking to students of legal drinking age, with every member agreeing to a strict Code of Conduct.

Each member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity is responsible for seeing that he:

• Acts as a gentleman, setting an example of moral behavior;

• Conducts himself as a good student, good neighbor, and good citizen;

• Obeys the laws, rules and regulations of his country, state or province, city and county, and college or university;

• Understands and abides by the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, including the Standards of Conduct, the acts and resolutions of Grand Conclaves, and his chapter’s by-laws; and

• Does not engage in, permit or tolerate hazing , or the unlawful use of alcohol or possession of controlled substances

Kappa Sigma goes even further to promote responsible drinking by use of Kappa Sigma's "My Brother's Keeper" program. Leadership amongst Kappa Sigma members is also fostered and encouraged through Kappa Sigma's new value and character-based training called the "Kappa Sigma University."

 How does a Fraternity help further the goals of today's undergraduate men? 


Kappa Sigma's main objective is based on building a better man, while encouraging him to participate in other campus organizations that he may choose. More specifically, Kappa Sigma looks to provide the opportunity to enhance your network, leadership skills, scholastic involvement, and service contribution to the local community. 


Leadership, "Real-World" Experience, and Opportunities

As a student-based organization, we recognize that upon graduation, our members will be entering a competitive, career-driven world in the 21st century. It's becoming increasingly vital that we seek to provide our members with the best opportunity for their success in the "real world" after their active years at Carleton. We provide opportunities for our members to obtain those real-world experiences and build their resumes in order to compete at an elite level once they enter the workforce.

Scholarship & Academics

Our organization ensures that our members are able to maintain a high level of academic excellence while adding the aforementioned experiences to their resume. While members are required to maintain a minimum 6.0 CGPA, many of our members are leaders at Carleton, such as Riley Hickman who was awarded the Carleton Janet M. Holmes Award and the Canadian Society for Chemistry Medal for student with highest average going into 4th Year Chemistry. Cole Hickman who received an Honours Award for Excellence for demonstrating a solid commitment to the University Students' Association and Carleton Community through broad participation and leadership in constructive extra-curricular activities. And 

Osman Elmi who received the Honourable Walter Baker Memorial Scholarship in recognition of his hard work and dedication to his studies over the course of his program and demonstrated leadership & involvement with the Carleton community and beyond. 

Why does Kappa Sigma call itself a "values-based" fraternity?

Far too often a parent may have a preconceived notion that a fraternity is based purely on an "Animal House" party atmosphere. It is not within Kappa Sigma's ideals to promote the party, but instead our four cornerstones of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. Through these principles a student will enhance his university career and become a better man.

My son is considering joining the Carleton University chapter of Kappa Sigma. What can I expect him to be involved in?

Instantly, a parent will find his son meeting a whole new social circle which will put him in contact with various student leaders, teachers, and alumni in the community.

As your son begins his membership in Kappa Sigma, he will initially begin as a pledge. The term pledge is in no way meant as a degrading term, but as a term to describe his period of membership in which h
e evaluates Kappa Sigma. During the pledging process, your son will be considered a prospective member and will undergo a pledging period. 

At the end of the pledging process, your son will be asked by the chapter if he would like to join the members and undergo initiation. In no way is the initiation to be construed as hazing or degrading, but rather the opportunity for the pledge to learn the founding and history of Kappa Sigma. Again, your son will be given a choice of which he is free to choose from; and his answer will be respected. 

Who are some of Kappa Sigma's alumni?

The greatest thing about Kappa Sigma is the diversity found in our active and alumni bases. They span from successful politicians and esteemed business leaders to famous singers/songwriters. Kappa Sigma doesn't want a cookie-cutter image of its members, but actually looks for good group dynamics in order to develop stronger life-time bonds.

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