Brothers In Action Program
Written by Rayhan Memon

“What’s so special about your fraternity?”

If you were to pose this question to a gentleman of Kappa Sigma, his response would likely be: “We build better men”.

This is the mission we set before ourselves and, at Omicron-Pi,  we tackle this mission in a few of different ways: Through our philanthropic initiatives, where Brothers cultivate a culture of good-will and altruism by helping those in need; Through our pledge education, where prospective members are taught the history of the order and the moral obligations of a gentleman of Kappa Sigma; And, most recently, through our Brothers in Action (BIA) program, where we provide our members with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

A recent addition to the Omicron-Pi chapter, the BIA program was pioneered in the Fall of 2016 by Brothers Zameer Masjedee and Taylor Neely. Since then, the program has quickly developed into one of the chapter’s core internal initiatives, and is currently co-chaired by Brothers Cameron Davis and Dharshatharan Jayatharan Aronon.

Since inception, the BIA chairs have lead several workshops whose content ranges from personal topics such as “Goal Setting” and “Finding Your Passion”, to professional topics such as “Time Management” and “Effective Networking”. Many brothers recognize that, while there is a wealth of knowledge to be shared within the Omicron-Pi chapter, we should not forget to set our sights outwards and strive to learn from other campus and community leaders as well. Guided by this fact, in 2017 the past BIA chairs invited Fahd Alhattab (past CUSA President and Leadership Coach) to be our first external guest speaker. He did not disappoint, delivering to our active members and pledges an in-depth, interactive lecture on public speaking.

One of the long-term goals of the Omicron-Pi Executive was to breed a culture of caring and understanding around a very relevant and commonly misunderstood issue: mental health. The executive activated the BIA program to work towards this goal and, the entire active chapter participated in mandatory ‘Suicide Prevention’ training, equipping our members with the knowledge and resources needed to be powerful and effective sources of aid in crisis situations.

For an initiative still in its infancy, we could not be more proud of the Brothers in Action program and the positive effects we’ve seen as a result of its work. With the continuing efforts of the Executive and BIA Chairs, our Brothers will stay the course and soon become an unstoppable force in life and business, ready and willing to take on life’s many challenges.

So if you see a Carleton student whose sweater bears the Greek letters ‘Kappa’ and ‘Sigma’, ask him why his fraternity is so special. We hope the BIA program will be one of the many reasons you trust the answer that follows.