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Greek Olympics

Greek Olympics are a multi-event competition between Greek organizations, such as fraternities and sororities, on a college or university campus. The competition usually involves a combination of athletic events, bar games, and social activities designed to promote friendly competition and camaraderie among members of different Greek organizations. The overall goal of Greek Olympics is to bring together members of the Greek community, promote healthy competition, and foster a sense of unity and community spirit.


Our Story

Greek Olympics is one of many staples that make up the Greek community. And after two years, it has been the main event everyone was looking forward to. This year, marked the oh-so-long awaited reboot of the Greek Olympics.


This year’s weeklong event has started on Friday October 21st, 2022 and like always, the very first event was the bottle drive. The chapter as a whole had a strong start to the weekend by raising $225.10 for charity and placing third in the bottle drive, and later on, on this same night, we were able to bring home our very first gold medal in the boat race thanks to the valiant efforts of Artur Gomes (Ω 253), Gavin D’Eon (AΓ 286 ), Joshua Jasek (AA 266), and Anthony Nguyen (AD 298).


Then, heading into the next day, our all-time best highlights came from brother Dinesh Dawonauth (AE 300), and his unimaginable curve shot to win us first place in the pool. Not only that but, the alpha-zeta took the crowd by storm with their phenomenal air band performance, which was perfectly choreographed by brother Jaden Slawter (AΓ 283). All and all, we finished Saturday with 3 gold medals. Then, for the very last day of the Greek Olympics, our main highlights came from brother Naod Habte’s (Ω 254) 7 touchdowns and Julien Néron-Bonneau’s (AA 268) game-winning interception to get us another gold medal in football.


And, last but certainly not least, thanks to the brilliance and creativity of brother Oliver Nacey (Ο 154), our chapter was able to clench first place in the shirt votings. looking back on this past week has filled not only our current chapter with joy and glee but, it has also brought joy to many alumni who have never had the experience of winning a Greek Olympics. Once again, thank you to everyone for your time effort, and commitment to our victory.

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