Modern day Kappa Sigma was founded one chilly evening in the fall of 1869, as five students attending the University of Virginia in Charlottesville gathered in the room of William Grigsby McCormick, at 46 East Lawn, and planted the seed of brotherhood. For many weeks the bonds of friendship had drawn these five together; now the need became clear for a formal structure to contain their feelings. Thus, not only did the Founders formalize their friendship, but they also created a fraternity steeped in the traditions of the past and dedicated to the pursuit of learning. The new brothers recorded their bond in a Constitution and in an Oath that set forth the ideals and principles to all Kappa Sigmas today.



William Grigsby McCormick occupied the room at 46 East Lawn in the fall of 1869. It was there that he, with four friends, Frank Courtney Nicodemus, Edmund Law Rogers, John Covert Boyd and George Miles Arnold, founded the Kappa Sigma Fraternity on that cold December evening. Founder McCormick was in his second year at the University.

Both in their first year at the University, Founder Arnold lived at East Range and Founder Nicodemus at 9 West Range. Founders Boyd and Rogers lived off the Grounds. Early records of the founding of the first American chapter of Kappa Sigma at the University of Virginia, called Zeta Chapter, leave much of the detailed description of the early meetings untold. However, we know that a constitution was composed by the Founders and was recorded in the handwriting of Founder Arnold.

The original Constitution names the Fraternity “Kappa Sigma,” describes the Badge, and gives significance to the emblems appearing on it. The original Badge was designed by Edmund Law Rogers and during the Christmas holidays of 1869, an order of badges was placed with Sadtler & Sons of Baltimore, Maryland. Upon their return to campus in spring 1870, the Five Friends and Brothers proudly displayed the Star and Crescent of Kappa Sigma for the first time.




Over the past twelve years, our brothers have grown in numbers, strength and diversity allowing us to mentor our new brothers in all aspects of their lives. As Kappa Sigma Omicron-Pi continues to mature, our alumni base expands into the professional world providing guidance to the chapter that pushed them to achieve their goals. Becoming a brother of our chapter is a commitment that creates experiences, relationships and memories that will last a life time. With Kappa Sigma, you have the opportunity to have the greatest University experience, while achieving the goals that you set out to accomplish since reading your acceptance letter to Carleton.

We encourage you to take the time to check out the rest of our website and learn what Kappa Sigma has to offer here at Carleton University. If you see any of us on campus feel free to come and talk to us, we will gladly take time out of our day to answer any questions you may have.

2018-19 Executive Committee
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President - Grand Master

Mauro Barone

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Vice President Internal - Grand Procurator

Spencer Brouwer


Vice President External - Grand Master of Ceremonies

Ryan Frohar

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Vice President Communications - Grand Scribe

Michael Pierre-Pierre

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Vice President Finance - Grand Treasurer

Alexander Johns